Top 8 Fishing Holidays in the World

It’s every angler’s dream to travel the world and experience different fishing adventures. Looking to enjoy the thrill of catching a coveted species? Read on for tips on some of the best fishing holidays in the world to reel in different fish, from blue marlin, sailfish, to huge cubera snapper. Most of these destinations are contenders for your bucket list.

  1.      Malindi, Kenya

How adventurous are you? Do you fancy reeling in a billfish on your kayak? If so, take a trip to Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi. It’s one of the few places in the world where anglers have a chance to land a billfish fantasy slam – short bill spearfish, swordfish, sailfish, black marlin, striped marlin, and blue marlin all in a day’s work. But you’d want to exercise caution with some of these larger fish. If you’re not up for a fight, you can also opt for nearshore pelagic species of reef fish depending on your taste.

The climate is conducive for kayak tours all year round, but you have a better shot at making a trophy-worthy catch during January and February. As far as accommodation is concerned, there are several beautiful hotels and resorts in the region.

  1.      Montauk, New York

The streets of New York never sleep – and apparently, neither does its waters. Take your kayak off Montauk and feast upon a frenzy of fishing targets. The waters are packed with stripers that create boiling bass blitzes as they feast on the massive schools of bay anchovies near shore. 

Montauk is a beautiful location to light-tackle species such as false albacore, bluefish, stripped bass, weakfish, and fluke. And as you wait for the fish to take the bait, take a moment to enjoy the coastal reefs and iconic lighthouse. The best time for some action is early fall during September, extending through to December.

  1.      Panama

A popular airline destination, less than 3 hours from Miami, tourist-friendly, excellent fishing resorts, and year-round fishing – Panama is easily a dream destination for anglers.

The South/Central American country is a treat for kayakers looking to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while reeling in a wide range of game fish, including large sierra, bluefin trevally, roosterfish, and cubera snapper that lurk close to the shore. It also boasts of amazing seamounts and nearshore reefs that attract large schools of tuna (visible on the surface) – especially around Hannibal Bank and Zane Grey Bank. As a cheery on top of the cake, expect to see dolphins.

  1.      Key West, Florida

Sitting on a world-class fishing ground, Key West is one of the most popular fishing holidays in America, and around the world. The region offers a variety of fish species to get you thoroughly excited. Some of the more common games include blue marlin and yellowfin.

The fishing season runs year-round – but you’d better sit out kayaking during winter. Fishing aside, Key West is a hospitable location with a wide range of accommodation, accessible air transport, amazing seafood eateries, and endless parties.

  1.      Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia, Canada

Did you know that a world-record bluefin tuna weighing 1,496 pounds was caught off Prince Edwards Island back in 1979? While this is an impressive catch, you also have a good chance of reeling in a tuna heavier than 800 pounds – as long as you’re ready for the battle of a lifetime.

The Canadian Maritimes are popular among kayak anglers for their huge fish that are oddly found a few miles off the land/port. The fishing holiday runs from August through October and it’s a catch-and-release fishery (pending regulatory changes).

  1.      Kola Peninsula, Russia

During winter, Russia’s Kola Peninsula is an Arctic Eden characterized by snow, herds of reindeer, and the jaw-dropping Aurora borealis. Come spring, it morphs into a different wonderland, overflowing with salmon.

The Kola’s Umba river attracts one of the region's top fishing holidays between May and October. Fisherfolk cast their lines hoping to catch one of the fattest salmon you’ll find anywhere in the world. However, the 123km-long river is largely isolated – necessitating the need for kayaks in order to access hard-to-reach areas. Keep in mind that the fishing holiday is catch-and-release only.

  1.      Great Abaco, Bahamas

The Bahamas ranks top of the list as one of the most popular tropical holiday destinations, along with Hawaii and the Maldives. But sitting on a mesmerizing beach under the sun, while biting chunks of cooled pineapples is not all you can do in the Bahamas. The Great Abaco is a perfect travel spot for kayakers looking for unique angling opportunities.

Paddlers can cast their lines in the reefs, deep blue sea, or the flats for a chance to reel in yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, or black-fin. Although the region is productive throughout the year, the most reliable time to cast your lines is from March to June.

  1.      Kona Coast, Hawaii

It’s almost a crime to discuss holiday destinations, without mentioning Hawaii. The islands offer countless adventurous activities – including kayak fishing. In particular, Kona Coast is home to one of the most amusing fishing holidays in the world.

The area is characteristically calm with several blue water fish roaming close to the coast. While the Pacific blue marlin is the poster boy of the Kona coast, you can also find gray snapper, tuna, mahi-mahi, and ono.


Well, there you have it! A great selection of must-do fishing holidays to get you to mind dreaming and adventurous spirits lifted.

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