Why choose Galaxy Kayaks?

There are plenty of reviews of Galaxy Kayaks available online. However, with that said, the following is 12 reasons why we would recommend Galaxy Kayaks to a friend.

12 reasons we would recommend Galaxy Kayaks:

  1. We are the original manufacturer of quality fishing kayaks at affordable prices
  2. We have a team of professionals at your disposal who can offer advice and will work to your needs
  3. Our kayaks are designed by fishermen for fishermen
  4. We have been operating for 7 years and are now found in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Scandinavia
  5. We offer 3 years warranty on all our hulls as standard
  6. We have an external quality control team who are located at our production facility
  7. We are proud of our community on Facebook
  8. We control all aspects, from the design of our kayaks, to production, logistics and sales
  9. We believe in providing the best customer service time and again and our records prove this
  10. We have a long history of helping the kayak fishing community and will continue to support its growth
  11. We are the first brand to produce our unique range of colours
  12. We believe in helping the environment so that our grandchildren can enjoy this sport!

Don't just take our word for it!

There are countless happy customers who've shared their opinions online and even more who are currently fishing off their Galaxy Kayaks!

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