Kayak Accessories - The Right Tools For Your Boat

Choosing the right kayaking accessories is a big part of having an enjoyable time out on the water.

If you ask an experienced kayak fishermen whether having a trolley with beach wheels is useful when launching off your favourite beach - the probable answer is yes!

Like any hobby or sport having the right tools for the job can make the difference between spending an hour doing it or spending all day.

Some key accessories we recommend all paddlers should have include:

Kayak seats: whether it’s a high seat or low seat, having the right seat for your kayak will make the experience that much better. No matter what, having a padded seat is essential to avoid the much dreaded ‘kayak butt’. Our leisure kayaks come with low seats as standard but you can choose to upgrade these to our larger tracker seat with additional padding.

Storage Options: whether its one of our storage pods or a dry bag, having some kind of dry storage compartment is always useful.

Lifeline: having a lifeline on your kayak is useful for some added safety. It allows you to hold onto the kayak in case you fall out and is useful for other things such as anchor positioning. All our new kayaks come with HV series lifelines that are designed in various colours to add brightness and visibility when needed.

Kayak Storage: having storage on your kayak is can be an essential demand depending on what type of use you are looking to do. If you plan on spending long days on the water than having storage compartments can be extremely useful. Most of our kayaks include a large rear storage area with HV bungees that help secure any gear down to your boat.

Life Jacket PFD: a life jacket is an essential piece of equipment that everyone should use each time they head out kayaking.

Paddle leash: having a paddle leash is extremely useful and a good idea to keep your paddle close at all times.

Kayak trolley: having a trolley for transporting your kayak is extremely useful. Especially if you launch your kayak off of sandy beaches then having a trolley with beach wheels will come in handy.

Paddles: all of our kayaks come with a seat and paddle as standard. However, many customers like to upgrade their paddles after having gained experience paddling. The range of paddles on offer is extensive from carbon fibre to three piece paddles.

Rod holders: do exactly what they say. It’s an essential piece of kit for kayak anglers and there’s a large range of different styles available. All our fishing kayaks come with rod holders as standard. We also design our kayaks to be able to attach a large range of Railblaza products, including their range of rod holders.

Rudder and pedal system: on long kayaks a rudder is an incredibly important piece of kit. It helps maneuver your kayak and when paddling in windy conditions it helps keep your kayak straight. The rudder is controlled by the foot pedals in your cockpit.

Fish Finder: using a fish finder will help you have an edge when kayak fishing. It essentially allows you to see underwater and is helpful in finding great fishing spots. Many anglers use it to find structure which helps them target specific species - for example when bass fishing or target groupers. There’s a large range of fish finders available and to suit any fisherman's needs.

Spray skirt or spray deck: a spray skirt is an essential piece of kit for sea kayaking. It is a waterproof cover with a hole designed for the passengers waist. They are used to prevent water from entering the cockpit of your boat.

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