Galaxy Kayaks partners with 1% for the Planet and Surfrider

Reports of air pollution, endangered species, garbage dumped in our oceans, oil spills, loss of forests, and unsustainable fishing are nowadays rampant in media outlets. Our planet appears to be gradually dying – and by our own doing. It’s for this reason that individuals and organizations continue to launch initiatives aimed at protecting mother nature and sustaining the delicate balance of life.

Galaxy Kayaks believes in protecting the environment and as part of this has joined 1% For The Planet, an organisation whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. Their mission is to "build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet”.

 As part of this, Galaxy Kayaks has donated towards the Surfrider Organisation to help them in their efforts to protect and clean up the environment. The Surfrider Organisation is a grassroots non-profit environmental organisation that works to protect and preserve the world's oceans, waves and beaches.

Surfrider’s goal is to “ensure clean water, healthy ocean and coastlines and accessible beaches for all to enjoy by finding lasting solutions to the threats our ocean faces.” With this in mind, Galaxy Kayaks has donated a Tandem Solo kayak for them to use as part of their environmental efforts.

And lucky for us Surfrider have sent us back some great images of their team using our kayak in action in Ustaritz in France. The high mobility and portability of kayaks make them an effective means to collect plastics and other waste material threatening our water bodies. They allow users to reach otherwise hard to reach areas. Therefore, kayaks are both symbolic and practical to the efforts of the Surfrider Foundation, especially for garbage collection initiatives.

We are proud to be able to support such a great cause and wish the team at Surfrider the best for 2020. We hope to collaborate more with them and 1% For The Planet this year and encourage our members to visit both websites for more information.

Protecting the Oceans and Wetlands One Kayak at a Time

When it comes to individual water travel, kayaks are arguably the perfect means for enjoying some valuable time with loved ones or exploring the wilderness. Kayaks allow you to observe wildlife without disturbing their natural habitats. As long as you paddle responsibly, kayaks and canoes don’t cause pollution, erosion, noise, or any of the other factors that may disrupt the ecosystem.

While kayaks are generally eco-friendly, there are a few best practices and precautions that kayakers are advised to observe.

1.  The most obvious instruction is to avoid dumping your litter in the water – and if possible, you can also collect other people’s litter. Practise 3 for the Sea - try and collect a minimum of three items of waste from the water each time you go out. Together we can have a greater impact!

2.  If the pollution is rampant or unsafe, you can inform relevant authorities to take action.

3.  It’s also important to wash your paddling equipment and the kayak after use to minimize the spread of pests and foreign organisms.

4.  If fishing, always follow local authorities guidance on species that are acceptable to target and always follow guidance on sizes

5.  We always fishermen practice recommend catch and release

6.  If you do eat fish and therefore do take them home, release younger smaller fish to allow them to grow and reproduce and do not be greedy taking home more than you can eat

 Do you have more recomendations? Leave a comment below.

The Importance of Protecting Our Environment

The oceans, coastlines, and wetlands are home to among the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Countless invertebrates, plants, and vertebrae species depend on our water bodies for sustenance. They are also crucial zones of human activities for recreational and economic reasons. Unfortunately, our oceans and coastlines are in danger – and we are the main culprits!

The expanding fishing industry is threatening the finite fish supplies, necessitating efforts to approach fish as a renewable resource. But what raises more eyebrows – especially from a public media standpoint – is the threat from plastics, dumping rubbish, unsustainable agricultural activities, pollution from sewage, and commercial development activities.

Important ecosystems such as wetlands, coral reefs, and mangrove swamps face destruction due to human activities.

It may seem that these unfortunate reports on the state of our environment are overwhelming, and one person cannot make a change. On the contrary, organizations such as “1% for the Planet” allow every single individual to participate in protecting the earth from waste and pollution.

Are You Ready to Safeguard Your Future?

Taking care of the environment is everyone’s privilege and responsibility. As everyday people, consumers, and businesses, we have an important part to play. Our eco-conscious efforts help conserve the planet for our children and future generations.

“1% for the Planet” provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to give back and appreciate our environment. Simple solutions such as donating a Tandem Solo kayak to the Surfrider Foundation, can have an impact on our common goals; protecting the planet. So, are you looking to making a difference?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single person, small business or a large Fortune 500 company, 1% for the Planet is accessible to anyone looking to act against pollution and environmental degradation. If you’re willing to be part of a larger movement, sign up for a “1% for the Planet” membership today!

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